Direct Connect to the Cloud

Direct Connect enables you to establish a dedicated private connection from your premises to cloud services. On-demand global connectivity makes it easy to: scale beyond your infrastructure, get greater control over your data, and stay competitive in your market.

Cloud Connectivity Solution

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Seamlessly connect your private infrastructure to your public or private cloud resources with a fully redundant network giving you the privacy, reliability, and control you’d expect from a high-performance hybrid cloud architecture.

Multicloud Connectivity

Mix and match your cloud applications by connecting to any or multiple of the world’s leading providers and accessing best-of-breed services. Connect to multiple cloud regions from a single interconnection point with greater security and privacy than traditional networking solutions.

Cloud to Cloud Connectivity

Use virtual routing to connect privately between clouds at Layer 3. Without needing to own or maintain physical infrastructure and equipment, you can simply and affordably build multicloud networks between regions.


High Bandwidth

A single connection supports up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth, meeting your connectivity needs today and tomorrow.

Low Latency

Dedicated connections reduce the unstable latency caused by network congestion. XLC guarantees over 99.5% SLA network uptime.

Impenetrable Security

Direct Connect establishes private connectivity between your premises and one or more Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) while maintaining network isolation between different workloads.

Great Scalability

By connecting your on-premises network to cloud service provider, you gain access to virtually unlimited cloud resources for flexible, scalable hybrid deployment.

Real-time Provisioning

Create connections via our online portal or API to deliver dynamic provisioning instantly.

All-in-one platform

Build, deploy, and manage connectivity with multiple cloud providers across different regions.